Mr. Lin Wei Kit – Straits International School Rawang Campus
Mr. Lin Wei Kit
Mr. Lin Wei Kit
Head of Modern Foreign Languages & Mandarin Teacher

Mr. Lin was born in Malaysia and complete his bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature from New Era College University.

After graduating, he has been teaching Mandarin in Malaysia national syllabus and has been Mandarin Teacher for the PT3 and SPM. And now he is with Straits International School as Mandarin First Language teacher.

He always keeps the Confucius’ words as his teaching quotes, “no children should be left behind”. Thanks to his mentor in university, he gains his passion for inspiring children loves Mandarin to change their perceptive toward Chinese. In addition, Mr. Lin plays table tennis and enjoy to play with the students during free time.

Straits International School is the new hope of education, this place proof knowledge is power.