Nutrition For Learning

School Meals

The school provides morning breaks and lunches for all students. The meals are balanced and low in carbohydrates and fat. There is a choice of Western and Asian options together with soup, salads and a range of desserts.

Eating together is an important part of the culture of the school and there are occasional formal moments when the whole school shares luncheon in celebration of British, local and International festivals. We also eat together at our House tables.

The canteen service is outsourced, but monitored by a canteen committee at the school, which is composed of students, parents and teachers. All the food served in our canteen is pork-free and beef-free.

A Safe, Affordable and Punctual Service


*NEW* We are pleased to announce that as of January 2019, transport options will be available in the Rawang, Country Homes, Damansara and Mont Kiara area. Please contact the Admissions Office for more details.

The school has sourced a number of providers that can offer transportation services to the school community, with students being collected from their doorstep wherever possible. There are currently a number of routes from both the mainland and the island. These are at very competitive prices. The school checks the quality of this service regularly, and will be happy to place you into contact with the providers themselves. All enquiries should be made at the admissions office.

Taking Pride in Our Appearance


Children are expected to wear School uniform every day. All uniform items, including PE Kit and House T Shirt (except shoes) are available at the school campuses. The uniform is practical to wear, competitively priced and a means of demonstrating our individual identity to the community at large. Wearing the uniform should be a matter of pride for all our children.

Children are required to wear school hats when they are outside to protect them from the sun. SIS has a “no hat – no PE/play” policy.

Children must wear their PE kit for any physical activity and it is their responsibility to ensure it is worn to school for these sessions. They require sports shoes for outdoor PE. The class teacher will inform you of the PE timetable.

Guidelines for SIS Shoes

Texts and Resources

Book List

The School makes available for purchase a selection of texts and exercise books, which are available directly through the distributors at school.


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