Welcome From The Principal – Straits International School Rawang Campus

Mr. Stephen Willoughby
Rawang, Taman Sari Principal

Note From the Principal

It is a privilege to be the founding principal of Straits International School Rawang. I am very excited about the endless possibilities.

As principal it is my duty and honour to be able to inspire students and teachers alike. I believe in leading by example. Therefore I am fully committed to achieving excellence not only for myself but also for all members of the school community.

I have held a number of senior leadership positions throughout the world and I will use this experience to ensure that Straits International School continues to provide an outstanding educational experience for all our young people.

It is no secret that every child can learn. As educators we must strive to find ways to include all our students. If we can teach our students to be passionate learners who are not afraid to question answers or to answer questions, we will indeed be successful in achieving our school’s vision.

I have been personally struck by the school motto ‘Non Mihi, Non Tibi, Sed Nobis / Not For You, Not For Me, But For Us’. I fully intend to develop a caring team ethos here in Straits Rawang where everyone will work together as a team for the benefit of the students.

Our aim is to provide and encourage all children to learn and develop independently, facilitating their personal growth, and instilling in each of them a life long passion for learning.


As a school we seek to work with parents in helping students to enter the world as responsible, mature, and engaged members of society. This starts from the moment a child enters our school.

Finally I hope our website give you an insight into both the school itself and the exceptional quality of the education we offer, with its emphasis on high standards, a broad and enriched curriculum, a well-disciplined environment and care for each and every student.

I look forward to an exciting and rewarding year ahead.

Background Profile

Mr. Stephen Willoughby is qualified in Electronic and Computer Engineering before moving on to complete a PGCE in Mathematics and more recently a Master’s in Education.

His teaching career began in Leeds in the UK and he has gained 12 years of extensive international teaching experience working in countries such as South Korea, Libya, Jordan and more recently in Romania.

Mr. Stephen loves teaching because he can make a difference. By sharing his knowledge and experiences he hopes to help children to be caring, internationally minded, adventurous leaders of tomorrow.