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Mr. Stephen Willoughby

Founding Principal

Mr. Stephen Willoughby is qualified in Electronic and Computer Engineering before moving on to complete a PGCE in Mathematics and more recently a Master's in Education. His teaching career began in Leeds in the UK and he has gained 12 years of extensive international teaching experience working in countries such as South Korea, Libya, Jordan and more recently in Romania. Mr. Stephen loves teaching because he can make a difference. By sharing his knowledge and experiences he hopes to help children to be caring, internationally minded, adventurous leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. John Murphy

Deputy Principal

Mr. John Murphy hails from Cork, Ireland where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from University of Limerick. After working in Spain for a number of years, he moved to London and completed a PGCE from the University of East London. Four years later he took that experience and worked in Bangkok, Bucharest and Baku in both KS1 and KS2, in different leadership and management positions accumulating over 12 years of knowledge in international education.

Now Mr. Murphy is completing a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of London and believes strongly that communication and collaboration are essential aspects of productive learning environments.

Mr. Murphy has visited Malaysia a number of times with his wife and is now looking forward to the opportunity to contribute to the future of such a progressive country, while discovering and learning more with his two young children.

Ms. Harriet

Secondary English and Humanities

Ms. Harriet Glover gained her degree in Early Childhood Studies and French from Canterbury Christ Church University before going on to complete her PGCE at the University of Nottingham in 2009. Her speciality is in secondary, although she has experience teaching primary, and has taught Modern Foreign Languages, English, and developing her strengths in Learning Support and pastoral responsibilities both in the UK and overseas. Ms. Harriet herself comes from an international upbringing, living and working abroad, and having worked previously at the Penang campus, is looking forward to returning to Malaysia and the SIS team.