Open Day – Parents and Child’s Interaction Day

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Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you for an Open Day – Parents and Child’s Interaction Day on 29th January 2019 from 9:00- 11:00 am.

This is a great way for parents and children to socialize, have fun, play and spend time at school. Parents will also have an opportunity to meet new friends and share tips and ideas. Parents will stay with the children the whole time during the session and do the activities together.

Here is the flexible schedule of the day:
📌 Open Day- Parent and Child’s Interaction Day activities.
📌 0900-0910- Registration- Name writing activity
📌 0910-0930- Classroom activity and exploration
📌 0930-1000- morning breakfast (snacks will be provided for parents)
📌 1000-1045- Outdoor station rotation activity.
1- Creative area
2- Sand area
3- Obstacle area
4- Building /role play area
5- Reading with my parent’s area
📌 1045-1100- Tidy up- Singing and goodbye song.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!