Ms. Kasthuri a/p Madan Senkar
Ms. Kasthuri a/p Madan Senkar
Nursery Learning Assistant

Ms.Kasthuri graduated from Segi University Kota Damansara with a Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons), majoring in Journalism. Yet, her experience in teaching which is over 8 years made her to continue her passion in teaching.

Her previous job was in one of an international school in Kajang for almost 4 years as a class teacher. Ms.Kasthuri taught English, Bahasa, Moral Education and other minor subjects. She also teaches Bahasa for all level since 2011 until now.

In between,she has taught English and Bahasa tuition classes around Klang Valley areas. She strongly believes that, “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”

“Straits is the best platform to teach and develop.”