Ethics in Education

One of the most integral parts of the school ethos revolves around the concept of community.

At SIS, this exists at different levels:
The Form Group
The House
The School
The Wider Community of Rawang
The Wider Community of Malaysia
The Global Community

At each level the students, staff and parents will be given opportunities to play a central role within the community and participate in service based learning, whether it be through hands on service, charitable schemes, out of school learning, events or connecting with other communities.

All are anticipated to participate actively and in a positive manner. Our educational ethos expects that all members of our community pursue lifelong learning and that we understand that education is not just limited to classroom academics.

It is our vision to produce young men and women with the compassion, drive, communication skills and understanding which will best prepare them for their future roles in the world.

Service Learning

As an international school, we try to contribute as much as we can to the real world and at Straits we do it through service-based learning. Service learning is a teaching and learning method which provides students with a hands-on experiential education.

It gives students the opportunity to receive relevant educational content which contributes to the well-being of individuals and society. In this learning process, students develop goals consistent with course material, create community partnerships, participate in field learning activities, and engage in reflective and critical thinking in relation to this experience. Service-learning prepares students to meet relevant real-life community needs.